Here is a quick 5 step general guide to get pricing.

1. How many colors your graphic has.
2. The quantity of items in your order.
3. The type of garment will you be ordering.
4. Set up fee $25 applies, tax, and shipping if applicable.
5. We will create an invoice that you can pay online.

4 Color T-Shirt Example

1 Color Jogger Example

Full color DTF example

What brands do you offer?

We offer almost any brand out there! Our super soft house brand is Smart Blanks. But if you have a preference we have many suppliers to choose from.

I see that you can screen print up to 6 colors, but what if my artwork has more than that?

If doing a FULL COLOR print we recommend a style of printing called DTF, which you can print unlimited colors. DTF has a paper-ish feel and is more expensive compared to screen printing.

What's the difference between Screen Printing and DTF?

Screen printing is used for graphics that we can print in bulk offering you the most bang for your buck. DTF is a premium print capable of printing unlimited colors, what you see on your screen we can print, but DTF comes at a slightly higher cost.

What resolution do you need the file at?

Our maximum print size is 12.5 x 18.5 @ 300 dpi. So format your artwork to size. If you need help with artwork you can use our design lab or let us know the details and we can help.